Saturday, April 7, 2007

yea, right!

So much for setting some time aside... because I kept sitting in front of this computer screen, DH and I were late for the service this afternoon. Never again!

One good thing to note is that I finally managed to complete my end of term comments for my students. The only thing I need to do is finish checking exam papers - tomorrow, hopefully. That is, if I don't get side-tracked. I am itching to start scrapping again. There are challenges I need to work on. I am also supposed to start working on a mini-album for ma. And, I'd love to start working on my conversation tray, that way, I can order more! hahahahaha!

Actually, I also need to compile my 2006 receipts - hmmmm..... I wonder where they might be. Due date for filing of ITR is about a week away! OK, maybe I'll attend to this on monday.

G and I have decided to take the kids to The Orchard on sunday so that they can join the Easter egg hunt - should be fun, but exhausting, I'm sure :)

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