Friday, April 27, 2007

my so-called 'needs'

I stumbled upon this entry in somebody else's blog and thought it might be a fun exercise! You just type in your [name] and the word 'needs' into google and see what comes up!

Here are my TOP 10 finds
1. Christine needs to know where her inventory is located at all times
yeah, right. what inventory? oops, maybe I really need to be going through my trash, haha!

2. Christine needs your active support
hmmm.... should I be running for public office?

3. Christine needs to stop looking at clothes
Haha! I have stopped doing this ever since I started scrapping!

4. Christine needs her own reality show
oh no, I don't! I couldn't bear the humiliation! This blog is enough for me, for now (well, I initially didn't want to spill out my guts in public some time ago but then had a sudden change of heart, I wonder why??)

5. Christine needs constant attention
now this, I could probably get used to. Not!

6. Christine needs help
doesn't anybody?

7. Christine needs a personal assistant twice a day
wow! this would be luxury

8. Christine needs to see her doctors
hope I have not contracted anything! :o

9. Christine needs some solid home cooking
oh yes! yes! I need to find a good cook first!

10. Christine needs to go back and read some of her earlier books
what the ?

what about you, what do you need?

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