Saturday, April 28, 2007

hot, hot, hot!

oh my! it is scorching here! 95F (35C)!!!!

anyhow, my only consolation is that I get to stay home and do whatever I pretty darn please!

well, yesterday, I actually had to run an errand for my mom (ahem, no comment!) I did it partially because I was keen on getting out of the house so I could have my mini albums bound! :D they turned out sooooo cute, although I think I may have to replace a panel on the cover because the local rub-ons I used came off! grrrrr! I don't think I'd buy another local rub-on again! The mini album is a compilation of my children, nieces and nephews' milestones and favorites. I made 2 so I could give 1 to my mom and another 1 to my dad... although I don't know if he'd appreciate it!
I'll post photos of the inside once I get the journaling printed out.

Here are a couple of pages from the mini book (the rest are in my multiply account)

I was also able to work on a new LO! I kinda like it, turned out OK if you ask me. Hmmm... actually, I don't really like how black the rub-ons on the left column are - too bad I don't have them in another color except for white which I don't think would've gone well had I used it in lieu of the black. Oh well, another lesson learned!

Supplies: BG papers and rub-ons

Journaling is a portion of the lyrics to the song, There's Nothing Like a Sister by Lady Bridget:
There's nothing like a sister
Who knows your every mood
When you really need a friend
This is what I recommend

She's someone I feel drawn to again and again
To help me through the rough spots
'Till I can find my feet
A life without my sister would be incomplete.

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