Sunday, April 8, 2007

sorting, scrapping, shopping, etc.

Hey, guess what!? I went and got productive today, for a change :) as in really quite productive, haha. I was able to have my toilet/bath and bedroom cleaned again. Tubtub was so pleased. I was also able to sort out several of my statements of account and receipts for 2006. Now I just need to get my maids to segregate them so I can encode them ASAP. Great! Things are coming along quite well.

Oh, and I was also able to complete 2 LOs today - well, not quite 2 yet, as I am still putting the final touches on the 2nd one. Tub and I were quite pleased with the results. Here's the first one:
Supplies: regular cardstock, DCWV stack, prima flower, all mixed up font (cricut), moxie font (qk). Sketch by Becky Fleck

I've decided to finally go ahead and scrap our beloved pet, Bolo. He's been gone for about 2 years now and we still miss him. Tub and I were just talking about the time Bolo passed away as I couldn't recall when it was, exactly. Good thing tubbyboy remembered and said it was around that time that he was hit with Bell's palsy :(

I guess this is because I maxed out my e-credit this weekend, yikes! And I somehow felt I needed to step away from the computer for a while, otherwise, I'd be clicking the checkout button left and right! This week, I shopped at, Wilde-ideas, Lonestar and Scrapbukan. I wonder why there is no end to all this scrap spending? After everything I've ordered, there are still several sites I need to visit to place my order.... and I really would like to finalize my Stampin' Up orders already.... soon! Hmmmm.... I hope that I will have enough cash to pay for all these new purchases :) Oh, but I can't wait to get my hands on the new stuff I've ordered!

Change of plans. Tub suggested we just go and join the Easter activities at San Miguel Village in Makati as he'd be playing golf at Navy instead.

We were supposed to have pancit malabon and halo-halo for merienda at Little Quiapo this afternoon but Tub decided to go at dinnertime instead, but we still managed to squeeze in an order of halo-halo after dinner :) Kids enjoyed the chance to eat out wih us.

Trivial news: Nikki lost another tooth again today, so now both of her front teeth are missing :) she's feeling a bit self-conscious about it at the moment, but hopefully, her new teeth will come out before school starts.

Ate Nikki dressed up quite nicely for dinner today, which caused a reaction from Ian: "Ate Nikki, you really look pretty today". Ate Nikki's reply was: "I'm not pretty, I have no front teeth!" :)

Nikki's really growing up so fast - she's now into Friendster and is starting to look up her friends so she can expand her network. Oh, boy!

Right! Now I need to go and finish up my other LO. I want it done before we leave for Makati at 6AM

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