Thursday, April 12, 2007


OK. Something I've been wanting to do - document stuff I do on a daily basis.... hmmm. Food for thought. What exactly do I do? Not much. But today I started taking some photos of what I think I should include in that LO:
time to get up and get ready for school. of course, I make a pit stop at my computer table to check on some mail

use up some products for my beauty ritual

check my planner

teach and have fun with my students

when I get home, I usually check my mail, I also try to work on stuff for school, LOL!

check stuff I need to pay for and maybe try to balance my checkbook

maybe spend time at my "scrap table" if I'm not too pooped or not up to my neck with stuff for school ...or maybe sort out the laundry

bond with tub and the kids

sleep? what is that? ha! I try to squeeze it in when I can find the time

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