Saturday, July 28, 2007

a messy affair

I was tasked to write an article for the August edition of Scrappinmoms' Scrapbytes. It's all about using templates and stuff found within our homes, not for its intended purpose but, for scrapping! :o I was a bit apprehensive about tackling an article which is somewhat foreign to me, considering I find myself amassing SB tools left and right these days, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Talk about a real challenge, huh? So, I kinda shelved Ria's email and went about my routine. When I did get around to sitting down and putting my thinking cap on, I was surprised to find how easy it was to put together a handful of suggestions as I then started to realize that I've actually managed to use household items on some of my pages ages ago. Cool!

For one particular tip, however, I couldn't very well explain the technique without actually having to produce a LO, and pronto!, as the article was due today. Well, then I thought I've been wanting to try the tip for the longest time anyways and last night was as good a time as any to do so.

So I set to work and I found it surprisingly easy and fun to do, albeit a bit messy, LOL! Thanks to Donna Downey and her fabulous tip (Simple Scrapbooks, Jan 2007), I now have a new page to speak of! =)

Supplies: Bazzill CS, MM acrylic paint, stamps (TT, Autumn Leaves, Heidi Swapp,7G), ink (Versa, Colorbox), and a toilet paper cardboard tube

Friday, July 27, 2007

Finally... a LO!

Thanks to the latest SE EB, I actually found myself completing a new page :) We were asked to work on a sketch by Becky Fleck
but as is my wont during these EBs, I found myself checking out other girls' work instead of actually sitting down and getting to work myself, LOL! So, well, during the EB, I only managed to cut out and put down the semi-circle piece of paper on my page ;o After that, I got sidetracked by work and couldn't get to the LO right away until, whew, a few hours ago! *wink* This page took me less than an hour to complete, and I must say, for someone who takes forever to put together a page, that is really a feat!

Supplies: Bazzill CS, 3BIAR & CBX PPs, Autumn Leaves and TT stamps, Versa ink, AC pen
Title: lifted from Ali Edwards

I've had the sudden realization that I now tend to favor the simple and the effortless pages. Hmmm.... so now what do I do with my stash of various embellishments? Haha! OK OK. Let's not be hasty and rush into anything here. I just might change my mind again a few months down the road!

Hope everyone has a relaxing, fun weekend!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

GREAT! Just great!

I wasn't really decided about attending the SE EB today because I had to pick up my DD, Nikki, from ATC in the afternoon, as she had a party to go to) but in the end, I was won over by the fact that I also had to have my iPod battery changed and then to somehow manage to get the magazine I was buying from Ch. OK, now here's the thing... after meeting up with Babette to pick her up from The Legend Villas (she was riding with me to the EB) we drove along EDSA and I got a TICKET!!! for obstruction. UGH! No amount of cajoling worked with the traffic officer. Hmph! It wasn't so much the amount I had to pay (it isn't really much) but the fact that the officer wasn't so considerate at all! I didn't even obstruct the pedestrian lane for 5 seconds and already he wanted to punish me!!!!!! Drat! OK, I am a law-abiding citizen... but hey, I wish he cut me some slack! I mean, I didn't beat the red light and i didn't dare cross that yellow intersection marker - did that not account for anything? Hmph! I guess not, judging by the ticket in my purse!

I almost didn't get my iPod battery changed as the technician-in-charge was supposedly on leave, but as Babette and I turned to leave the shop, out of nowhere, I was told that there was somebody who could do it for me after all. Hmmm.... I wonder why? So Babette and I looked around while we were waiting, and then I happened to lay my eyes upon an external storage device I've been wanting to get and there went my $100! Haha!

We were just in time for lunch when we arrived at Mitch's place - we did a little shopping and yes, a little scrappin'. Thanks for dropping the magazine off, Ch! and thanks for keeping me company, Babette :) Too bad we had to leave just when Au and Nita arrived, but of course, I had to be a good mom and pick my DD up who was patiently waiting for me. Good thing I managed to get to ATC in a jiffy, as she's running a little fever right now :(

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

been busy

I had some photos printed out last week and I've been itching to scrap them since. Unfortunately, I just couldn't find the time! Ugh! Not wanting to let the elusive muse slip away, I decided to just sit down and put stuff together the moment I got the chance (Sunday and Monday evening).

This one is a scraplift of a page by Ali Edwards. Supplies: Bazzill CS, MME PP, 7G and MM stamps, Colorbox ink, AC pen

Here's another one based on a sketch by Sunny Walls. I submitted it to the BG gallery this morning and surprise, surprise! I got word this evening that it's been accepted! :)
Supplies: BG PPs and stickers, AC pen, Bazzill CS, Colorbox chalk ink

Monday, July 16, 2007

food + fun

Yesterday, my brother, Vincent, celebrated his 34th birthday and my mom prepared more than enough food to feed a batallion! :o Unfortunately, I had to rush through lunch as I wanted to be able to join the PS EB. I made sure yaya fed the kids early as the EB demos were scheduled from 1pm onwards. Unfortunately, instead of the 1pm pickup time we agreed upon, husband didn't finish until 2pm which consequently caused me to miss the 1 demo I really wanted to see (stamping with bleach and the stippling technique) :( Oh well. At least I got Tubbyboy to drive for me and to babysit the kids, haha! Thanks, Tub! Sorry to hear that you are P1,500 poorer! :o

Good thing, I still managed to catch Mia and Alby's demos. It was my first EB with the PS people and I had a great time chatting with Babette, Cabbie and Au. I also had fun stamping with Lee (thanks for the private demo on re-inking, Au!) :) thanks to Ariel for volunteering to take our group photo and super-duper thanks to Tin, Mia, Lee and Donna for generously sharing their stamps, ink pads, baby wipes, and transparencies! Hmmm... yesterday I was thinking, we should do this again sometime soon! But now, I'm not too sure... that stamping session is making me want to add lots of stuff to my already growing stamp collection :o LOL!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

spreading some love

May I just say how much I am loving Autumn Leaves right now :)

Their products rock. Can't wait to use the clear acrylics i bought recently.

While you're contemplating the purchase of an Autumn Leaves stamp set, go and check out Paper Goodness for some fun giveaways! =)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

One Fine Day

I would like to think that I am so into stamping these days, lol!, and couldn't wait to get to work on PS' current challenge using several of my new stamp acquisitions =) This page was inspired by one I saw in CK. I don't feel quite satisfied with how this page turned out.... but I guess I'll have to be content with it for now (READ: no time to scrap, lol!)

Journaling: It was the summer of 2007. Unfortunately, we were without any househelp and I didn't want the 2 of you out of my sight. As I was going about my chores, I chanced upon the both of you entertaining yourselves, blowing bubbles and watching as they were blown away, out of your reach, by the gentle breeze.

Materials Used: CS: Bazzill; STAMPS: Stampin' Up, TT, Fontwerks; PEN: Zig, INK PADS: Versa, Brilliance, Stampin' Up

Saturday, July 7, 2007


So, how'd you spend another popular date like today? I wasn't actually going to notice anything special about today until someone said something about it being such a unique date and that it'd probably be a good idea to take some photos just for fun. Hmmm, yeah. Another idea for a page =)

So, here's my attempt at documenting some events/activities/etc.
My messy scraptable - this is in need of so much attention which I simply can't give right now; my hands and legs are simply tied, lol! (read: my weekdays and weekends are fully booked!) Not to mention, I can't seem to find the space to squeeze my new stuff into *sigh*.

I eventually decided to join Babette at the SE Garage Sale just to trim my stash a bit. I was all set to go, but Ian complained of a toothache so I had to make a bit of a detour to BelAir. We didn't have an appointment so we had to wait until the dentist could attend to us.

Here's Nikki playing with her DS - earlier, I promised to take her to my sister's place so she could play with her cousins, but obviously, because of the change in plans, she had no choice but to wait until Ian was done. Thanks for waiting so patiently, babe.

Well, she and Ian did have some fun taking turns at filling Ian's water cup after discovering the dentist's control panel =)

The garage sale. Finally! I came at around 12nn and hastily set up what little stuff I brought. Thanks for offering to share your space with me, Babette :) Hmmm... what I recouped, I unfortunately had to spend! Ha! I was able to sell off 2 paper packs, a coluzzle alpha template, and an ink pad = P1,000, ka-ching! and eventually ended up buying an album, a stamp positioner and a wood monogram for P1,100! LOL! It was a fun day! :) I love selling stuff! Maybe I should've been a saleslady, lol lol lol!!!!!!! :D

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


oh, but it's not mine to give away :) check out Paper Goodness to be eligible for a grab bag of yummy ribbons!

Congrats on your 1st year of blogging, Maricar!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

justifying my expenses *wink*

I decided to make another card yesterday, just so I can say I am not letting my new stuff gather dust, haha! I'll be giving this to a friend who celebrated her birthday recently (yup, delayed birthday greetings)

Supplies/ materials: regular CS, ribbon from my stash, Magenta stamp, Versa ink, colored pencils, stickles (golden rod and frosted lace), Cuttlebug embossing folder