Thursday, April 26, 2007

no hubby, will scrap

HAHA! tubbyboy is away on business today until tomorrow (he's in Bicol). As usual, I was stuck in front of the computer the entire morning. I had to go to school at around 1pm to watch some applicants do a lecture demo, though. I had a lot of things lined up afterwards (deliver soap, go to the bank, pick up stuff from MLA, bring the car to Toyota) but since the demo took up a huge chunk of the afternoon and my maid forgot to load the soap into the car, I was only able to go to MLA to pick up my order.

Well, the trip proved to be worth it because I was able to pick up extra papers that I thought would look good in the mini albums I am working on. There are 2 minis I am doing actually, 1 for ma and another 1 for pa. After I got home, I proceeded to cut papers and glue them down after I did the photos. I just need to complete the journaling :) Will post photos soon! So far, so good.

Here's something I was working on the other day... it's the accordion album I promised to make for Tuna. It was really quick to make. Now I can't wait to have the photos I've selected to be printed.

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