Friday, April 20, 2007

at last!!!

Today is the last day of school! wahoo!!! For now, I am free to do as I pretty darn please, haha! After my class this morning, I headed home and copied some photos into my flash drive for printing. Ianboy wanted to tag along so I took him to ATC with me... We stayed only until I was able to do my errands: duplicate house keys for Tub, pay our mobile phone bills, buy a battery pack for my other Moto phone, have a few photos printed, buy stuff from National bookstore and some other stuff from the grocery. Done in about 2 hours! Great! I think this was the shortest time I was ever at ATC :D Passed by Nette's place to pick up some of my orders and I was done!

I can now go back to my regular programming.... scrapping, that is :)

May I just say... Tub was mildly surprised last night that I took it upon myself to prepare dinner :) YUP! I made Caesar Salad for starters and Herb Mushroom Roast Chicken for main course. Hmmm... ooops, I forgot about dessert, haha!

I love how Ian keeps following me around while I'm at home :) he just always manages to find something to do wherever I may be, although most of the time he ends up watching TV haha.

watching TV in my room

'reading' a book while I was scrapping last Tuesday night

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