Thursday, April 12, 2007

a work in progress

Since I got caught by the snapping bug this morning, I also decided to take some photos of my 'scrap area' - I prefer not to call it my scraproom as it is technically still Ian's room, although I have invaded it by taking out his bed and putting my stuff in :) thanks, Ianboy, for graciously sharing your room with mom and calling it 'our room'. I remember the time when I started 'moving in' how excited you were about our sleeping together in 'our room' :) Well, I don't think it's going to happen as I took out the bed already. The only thing that Ian has in that room is his TV set... Anyways, I love it that Ian always feels excited whenever I sit by my table while he watches TV... simple pleasures, I know, and these are the stuff I should be scrapping about.

Here's a view of the main part of the room where you can see my desk. Underneath the desk are boxes of photos which I sorted out last Monday, drawers filled with some tools (fastenator, tag maker, dymo label maker, crop-a-dile, crimper, grommet tool, chizzel it, brayer, instant setter, silent setter), more stamps, various ink pads, stamp cleaner, assorted dry adhesive, chipboard, rub-ons. Just beside the drawers I have my little collection of Coluzzle templates. To the right of the table are my Sizzix bags a.k.a. storage bags as they are only used to keep some of my newer and rarely-used original dies and Sizzlits font sets (Funky Brush, Round-a-Bout, Girls Are Weird, Monkey Tails). In the boxes you will find more stamps (7gypsies) and other trinkets. To the left are assorted papers, Cuttlebug, Nanavigator tote filled with more paper, CK all about me album kit which I have yet to start on, etc etc.

On top of my desk you will find my Cricut, Tonic guillotine trimmer, scissors, adhesive, some current photos I need to be working on, a blue box that stores my journaling pens, small drawers filled with some stamps (Hero Arts, Purple Onion Designs, Fontwerks), a different version of a rolodex, Nikki's lamp, and my Sidekick

This is on the right side of the room, coming from the door. Here are more cutters (Sizzix, QK, Cutterpede, Carl trimmer, generic guillotine trimmer which I use to cut up chipboard boards), magazines, books, sticker maker. The purple boxes have some of my stash categorized into the following: primas, paint/colored pencils/mod podge, branded ribbons, 2 boxes of generic ribbons, dies (Sizzix doll sets), more dies and embossing folders, cricut cartridges

A close up of die-cutters and trimmers

Here are my crop bags which I seldom get to use: Around the Block, Mimi tote, QK tote

Here are brads and eyelets sorted by color in MM sortables boxes, buttons, more ribbons, charms/embellishments. There's a bag of embellishments I have yet to sort out. To the left of these boxes are several foam stamp sets (Jersey, Misunderstood and floral sets)

Here are some more of my Sizzix dies (I decided to put into 3 towers dies which I use frequently such as geometric shapes, tags and bookplates.... although I seldom get to use my Sizzix now that I have the Cricut! :o) - these are mostly alphas - block font, alphabars, common shapes - tags, frames, squares, circles, etc). On top of the towers are some loose Sizzlits sets. To the right are some papers and a black binder filled with my QK dies and TT acrylic stamps

Bazzill, DCWV, some generic cardstock, and vellum paper

More Bazzill in admiral and pinecone colors (I bought these colors in bulk as I figured they're the colors I'd use most! Hahaha, now I am in for some serious scrapping time!), brown and orange monochromatic packs, Chatterbox, FancyPants, K&Co, 3 Bugs in a Rug papers.

More Bazzill bulk packs (white, crimson and java) coming in the next shipment! Can't wait! Haha!

More paper! I wonder how I'd use these all up!? LOL! Basic Grey papers segregated according to design line. This is also where I keep 2 organizer folders filled with stickers, rubons, coasters, etc.

There's more! Inside my Nanavigator which I use as storage area (whew, this is an expensive storage space! I seriously should be using this for its purpose, methinks) I have more Bazzill monochromatic packs, Cosmo Cricut and Provo papers, more Bazzill cardstock to coordinate with Cosmo Cricut, 3 DCWV paper stacks, my ATG gun, CK all about me album kit (inside the green box), Bazzill accordion album which we did during MLA's party in October last year, another box of foam stamps (Jersey small caps), perfect layers tool (which I have yet to try out), and some freebie papers from KMA

And yet again, more paper inside the accordion file folder. In here I have more Bazzill, MM paper packs, MAMBI, Craft Express patterned paper packs, generic patterned paper which I got from Hobbes, and scraps.

Great! I feel so disorganized even after I've sorted my stuff out. I should try to find the time to sort out my papers and stash some more... need to find the time, need to find the time, need to find the time. LOL! I know, I know, this is not the best way to fix this all up. I'd work on it, really, if I found the time.

Need to convince husband to let me have my own scrap area soon so I can organize all this junk :D

Well, to give myself some credit here, these are my humble beginnings... I had to scrap on the dining room table and most of what little stuff I had last year were stored in the buffet cabinet and in a corner of the dining room :)

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