Wednesday, July 30, 2008

too much of a good thing

is a dangerous thing! :o

i am seriously beginning to think so.

these past few days, i received several kits in the mail... and yesterday, i decided to swing by the PO to pick up a package. and yep, it was yet another batch of kits! yikes!!

oh, it's fun to have these goodies at my disposal. it's just that, with life happening around me, i hardly find the time to actually sit down and do more than admire these kits! methinks it's time to scrap more than i shop! :o

Monday, July 28, 2008

scraplift challenge

Decided to sign up for the Bad Girls Birthday Bash Scraplift Challenge and here's my take on Nan's page

materials: Bad Girls feb kit (my favorite among all the kits so far), MAMBI crown bling, Catslifepress stamp, Nick Bantock ink pad

Sunday, July 27, 2008

welcome, baby

Been slacking with my cards these days that I decided to CASE (copy and share everything) a card from the Stampin' Up catalog - quick fix for a lost mojo :D. This is for my friend who recently gave birth to a baby girl.... hmmm, i think this was more like an excuse to ink my new stamps! hehehe.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Just trying to squeeze in some playtime =) here's my interpretation of white

TFL. Happy Weekend!

Monday, July 21, 2008

on the street where i lived

spent the weekend in our family home, about 25 miles south of manila.

since my family moved and went separate ways ages ago, this house has been abandoned and was pretty much left to its on devices. time and weather conditions have taken their toll, but it's great that my mother has gone to some length to give the house a face lift of sorts. now it feels like home again.

it's probably been about 23 years since i last spent the night here =) but it was good to be back.

kids had a great time playing in the yet dusty attic

more of the kids

The kids have taken to the house as well, and they seemed to have enjoyed their stay that they are asking to go back again.

It would be nice to go for a visit as often as we can =) hmmm... might be fun to bring the scrappy stuff and while away the time here... it's definitely less humid compared to Manila =)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

LT anniversary crop

decided to join some of the challenges posted at LT and here's what i came up with

scraplift challenge
a lift of Jamie Ko's page
materials: LT kit

a lift of Waleska's page
materials: LT kit

stash challenge

using SA feb and march kits =)

ad inspiration challenge
materials: a mix of Studio Calico and Studio Azul =)

june challenge to scrap blurred photos
materials: LT kit

Saturday, July 19, 2008

new for june

just sharing a few simple pages for Studio Azul using the yummy June kit
other materials used: Fontwerks stamp, Brillance ink pad, Making Memories acrylic paint

other materials used: Art Warehouse stamp, Nick Bantock ink pad, Making Memories acrylic paint

other materials used: Making Memories acrylic paint, Nick Bantock ink pad

other materials used: Autumn Leaves stamp, Nick bantock ink pad

TFL! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

i still believe in good

yesterday, i received a PO notice for a package. after a quick scan of the small piece of paper in my hand, I just had to groan when I saw that I had to pick it up from the Las Pinas PO yet again.

today, I had some free time so I decided to go and pick it up myself. I braced myself for the worst, while I silently repeated a string of possible pleas and rejoinders, in case the customs people asked for an exorbitant amount.

I actually got off work close to 12 noon. I wasn't sure if government agencies still honored a one-hour lunch break these days but I decided to try my luck anyways. It was 1220PM. Post office counters had signs to say they were open so I quickly went up to the 2nd floor where the customs counters are located. No hustle and bustle up there. I saw a couple of men having lunch and in a tone dripping with honey, I asked if I could pick up a parcel. One of them apologetically declared that the customs people were out for lunch, but he actually got up to check if anybody was still in the office, just in case. No luck. He then politely asked me to come back at 1 pm. I resigned myself to the fact that there was no other way around it but to wait.

As I turned to leave, another man approached me to ask if there was anything he could do. A quick check of my notice and he just re-confirmed what the other guy said earlier. I jokingly told him that he got my hopes up for nothing. 1 pm it was. Not a few seconds later, a lady, a customs officer, methinks, came to my rescue! She was willing to go into the customs office to issue my package! I was beside myself with excitement! Hehe. I quickly spotted my box sitting on top of all the others and I politely informed the lady that that was perhaps the box she was looking for.

Yep. it was mine alright. I hurriedly fished around my bag for some small bills and I was ready with my P40 in no time :) In case they asked for a higher duty tax, I was ready to argue my point that other PO offices usually only charge me P35. HEHE. A quick inspection of my PO notice and they were ready to hand me my goodie box. The lady officer conferred with the record keeper to ask if she still needed to see some identification. She did, so I quickly produced my driver's license and signed where she asked me to. I was handing her my payment when the lady officer said there was no payment needed! :o :o :o i was royally surprised but did not bother to ask why! HAHA!

OK. Studio Calico boxes usually weigh about 2 pounds, give or take a few ounces, and even with the number of add-ons I ordered this month, I didn't think my box weighed more than 4 pounds. The lady officer even went an extra mile to ask if I had someone to carry my box for me, sounding as if she was ready to ask 1 of her boys to carry my parcel for me had I asked!

Where is all this goodness coming from? No complaints here. I am just so thankful that there is still a measure of good in this world =)

side note: isn't that map of Paris simply too cool to cut up? what am i going to do???

All this for 1 paper?
yep. a few weeks ago, I emailed Scarlet and April just to ask if perhaps they had an extra MM die cut paper that was missing from one of my add-ons last month. They responded that they had no spare to send but they were willing to send me either duplicates of the patterned papers in the main kit or OA papers. I simply needed to inform them which option I wanted. I was so flabbergasted I didn't know what to say. It took me sometime to email them back to ask them to just send whatever they thought was the better option. And now here they are.

Update: these BG goodies were delivered to my doorstep today while I was away to pick the kids up from school

What have I done to deserve this? Surely, I must be in scrapper's heaven! =)

Monday, July 14, 2008

DDD challenge 19

here's a quickie LO for this challenge

materials: SA dec 07 kit, doodlebug stickers

Saturday, July 12, 2008


it was yet another fun day of scrapping therapy, goodies, and friends =) hit the bed at around 530 in the morning just to prepare the stuff i needed to bring and got up at around 7 to get ready for the day-long event. excited much? hehehe. just wanted to make sure i got my hands on the fun stuff i wanted before they got away. scrappers are a breed of retail therapy crazies! hehehe.

obviously, the first order of the day was shopping. here's what i got. some of these have been pre-ordered and the rest are what i could get my sticky hands on! actually... this is the outcome of a declaration I made to myself and to Mia that I would not shop at all.

Marisa had to police the girls just so they would stop shopping! when everybody settled down to get cracking on the projects lined up for the day, here's what Marisa asked us to make first. really cute, huh? I'm hoping to be able to replicate this towards the holiday season.

here's what we got in our loot bags, including some of the projects i completed for the day. got a bottle of prima flowers from the raffle drawing.

a close up shot of our supplies
up next was a mini album using a cd sleeve and yummy scenic route papers. then we went on to make an awesome gatefold mini! really fun to make! i took down notes but i'm not sure i'm going to be able to recreate this one. let's hope i can find the piece of paper i wrote some instructions on! :o

so here's us (minus me) making a mess at Nette's. there's my spot, right next to Mia and in front of Ella.

then it was time for lunch. yum!

more shopping. i missed a short tutorial on embossing and chalking =(

up next was a simple mini card using Melissa Frances stuff.

oh joy! i almost never win at BINGO but I think the 3rd card was the charm! look at what i bagged!

not content with what they have previously given away, Marisa randomly gave out stuff, to the point of throwing them up in the air for all to grab. my arms were probably not long enough, so here's what i managed to snag:

scrap happy girls looking forward to more scrapjam events =)

Friday, July 11, 2008

catching up

since i was already working on a project, i decided to set some time aside for several of the YITL words i needed to catch up on. thankfully, i was able to do everything in one go =)

here they are:
this may be simple but it definitely took the longest to think over - i couldn't really find a nice quote to use until this morning. i did a lot of google searching but it didn't yield anything that warranted attention, lol! thank goodness i happened to be blog-hopping, so that's where i found it! *wink!*

and just when i'm done picking out a nice quotation, along comes one, posted on my blog, at that!
oh, that humor of it all!


this was another toughie. it took more than 10 pages of googled pages before i found the one quote that clicked!


oh this was the most fun to do :) i thoroughly enjoyed glittering up my cuppycake image :)


i wonder why it usually takes longer to find just the right sentiment for the simplest of words? :) again, it took me forever to find just the right quote for this photo of the kids.