Saturday, July 21, 2007

GREAT! Just great!

I wasn't really decided about attending the SE EB today because I had to pick up my DD, Nikki, from ATC in the afternoon, as she had a party to go to) but in the end, I was won over by the fact that I also had to have my iPod battery changed and then to somehow manage to get the magazine I was buying from Ch. OK, now here's the thing... after meeting up with Babette to pick her up from The Legend Villas (she was riding with me to the EB) we drove along EDSA and I got a TICKET!!! for obstruction. UGH! No amount of cajoling worked with the traffic officer. Hmph! It wasn't so much the amount I had to pay (it isn't really much) but the fact that the officer wasn't so considerate at all! I didn't even obstruct the pedestrian lane for 5 seconds and already he wanted to punish me!!!!!! Drat! OK, I am a law-abiding citizen... but hey, I wish he cut me some slack! I mean, I didn't beat the red light and i didn't dare cross that yellow intersection marker - did that not account for anything? Hmph! I guess not, judging by the ticket in my purse!

I almost didn't get my iPod battery changed as the technician-in-charge was supposedly on leave, but as Babette and I turned to leave the shop, out of nowhere, I was told that there was somebody who could do it for me after all. Hmmm.... I wonder why? So Babette and I looked around while we were waiting, and then I happened to lay my eyes upon an external storage device I've been wanting to get and there went my $100! Haha!

We were just in time for lunch when we arrived at Mitch's place - we did a little shopping and yes, a little scrappin'. Thanks for dropping the magazine off, Ch! and thanks for keeping me company, Babette :) Too bad we had to leave just when Au and Nita arrived, but of course, I had to be a good mom and pick my DD up who was patiently waiting for me. Good thing I managed to get to ATC in a jiffy, as she's running a little fever right now :(

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