Tuesday, July 10, 2007

One Fine Day

I would like to think that I am so into stamping these days, lol!, and couldn't wait to get to work on PS' current challenge using several of my new stamp acquisitions =) This page was inspired by one I saw in CK. I don't feel quite satisfied with how this page turned out.... but I guess I'll have to be content with it for now (READ: no time to scrap, lol!)

Journaling: It was the summer of 2007. Unfortunately, we were without any househelp and I didn't want the 2 of you out of my sight. As I was going about my chores, I chanced upon the both of you entertaining yourselves, blowing bubbles and watching as they were blown away, out of your reach, by the gentle breeze.

Materials Used: CS: Bazzill; STAMPS: Stampin' Up, TT, Fontwerks; PEN: Zig, INK PADS: Versa, Brilliance, Stampin' Up

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