Monday, July 16, 2007

food + fun

Yesterday, my brother, Vincent, celebrated his 34th birthday and my mom prepared more than enough food to feed a batallion! :o Unfortunately, I had to rush through lunch as I wanted to be able to join the PS EB. I made sure yaya fed the kids early as the EB demos were scheduled from 1pm onwards. Unfortunately, instead of the 1pm pickup time we agreed upon, husband didn't finish until 2pm which consequently caused me to miss the 1 demo I really wanted to see (stamping with bleach and the stippling technique) :( Oh well. At least I got Tubbyboy to drive for me and to babysit the kids, haha! Thanks, Tub! Sorry to hear that you are P1,500 poorer! :o

Good thing, I still managed to catch Mia and Alby's demos. It was my first EB with the PS people and I had a great time chatting with Babette, Cabbie and Au. I also had fun stamping with Lee (thanks for the private demo on re-inking, Au!) :) thanks to Ariel for volunteering to take our group photo and super-duper thanks to Tin, Mia, Lee and Donna for generously sharing their stamps, ink pads, baby wipes, and transparencies! Hmmm... yesterday I was thinking, we should do this again sometime soon! But now, I'm not too sure... that stamping session is making me want to add lots of stuff to my already growing stamp collection :o LOL!

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