Saturday, July 7, 2007


So, how'd you spend another popular date like today? I wasn't actually going to notice anything special about today until someone said something about it being such a unique date and that it'd probably be a good idea to take some photos just for fun. Hmmm, yeah. Another idea for a page =)

So, here's my attempt at documenting some events/activities/etc.
My messy scraptable - this is in need of so much attention which I simply can't give right now; my hands and legs are simply tied, lol! (read: my weekdays and weekends are fully booked!) Not to mention, I can't seem to find the space to squeeze my new stuff into *sigh*.

I eventually decided to join Babette at the SE Garage Sale just to trim my stash a bit. I was all set to go, but Ian complained of a toothache so I had to make a bit of a detour to BelAir. We didn't have an appointment so we had to wait until the dentist could attend to us.

Here's Nikki playing with her DS - earlier, I promised to take her to my sister's place so she could play with her cousins, but obviously, because of the change in plans, she had no choice but to wait until Ian was done. Thanks for waiting so patiently, babe.

Well, she and Ian did have some fun taking turns at filling Ian's water cup after discovering the dentist's control panel =)

The garage sale. Finally! I came at around 12nn and hastily set up what little stuff I brought. Thanks for offering to share your space with me, Babette :) Hmmm... what I recouped, I unfortunately had to spend! Ha! I was able to sell off 2 paper packs, a coluzzle alpha template, and an ink pad = P1,000, ka-ching! and eventually ended up buying an album, a stamp positioner and a wood monogram for P1,100! LOL! It was a fun day! :) I love selling stuff! Maybe I should've been a saleslady, lol lol lol!!!!!!! :D


janujennifer said...

oh shoot! i left the garage sale around noon time! di ko tuloy nakita mga for sale mo. =) maybe next time. have a great week, christine!

C70 said...

Hi, Jenn! Thanks for dropping by. Sayang nga, siguro I would've sold some more of my stuff had you still been around when I arrived :)