Wednesday, November 7, 2007

license to spend

Heehee. I could not longer bear to look at my mess of a scrap area so I decided to get myself a rack and lots of baskets. I spent practically all day last Friday trying to re-organize, and this is the best that I was able to come up with (at least for the time being). Aaaack!!! There isn't enough room in here for the rest of my stuff! And here I thought I needed a shelf with only 4-tiers! Bummer!

Uhm, please excuse the mizuno box, haha! I am still trying to find a better storage solution for my cricut carts :o

Here's a cute (IMHO) find for my jumbo punchers:
Thanks for dropping by today.


Catherine said...

I'm coming over to play when I come back and visit the Philippines...we're neighbors right? LOL!

Lee i. said...

Hey Christine, you make me want to get my 4-tiered shelves from the pantry. :-) Gread idea for the jumbo punches. Need some labels na lang outside para easy to find.

C70 said...

no problem, Catherine! :)

Lee, thanks for that tip! :)