Friday, November 16, 2007


Made this birthday card for a fellow A Muse addict =) (well, I'm not much of an addict - yet! I'd really looove to build up a collection, hahaha!! if only I had the moola *sigh*) TFL and have a great weekend ahead!


the dreamer said...

Suwerte naman ng makakuha nito. Grabe, lahat ba ng cards mo may bibigyan ka? Kasi i'm trying to work on my own cards na din. Hehe. Nakikiuso. Sayang din kasi stamps. Pero have no idea naman kanino ibibigay. I tend to get possessive sa mga creations ko, parang babies ko. Hehe.

Sarap talaga bumisita sa blog mo. May eye candy na, merong pang how-to use. Hehe.

Lia said...

what a beautiful card

Alby said...

I guess I need to lobby a bit more - about getting you to do a card-making demo!

I like how simple, yet so very pretty your cards are. I wish I can come up with the same ideas.

So, I know you used a stamp here. What do you use to color the stamped image?


marjorie said...

demo! demo! demo!

Theresa Tyree said...

Oh, I just love the half-flip, half-English comment! I'm reading it hear with my best Filipino accent trying to translate. Ha ha!

I love the card. It's so pretty. Did you use a circle scallop punch?
Did you use colored pencils or watercolor pencils?

C70 said...

HAHA, Nina! Yes, 'unfortunately' I am giving this card away! Of course, I'd rather keep it for myself, though! =) There are some which I haven't given away, just waiting for the perfect opportunity!

Thanks, Lia!

Alby, you do beautiful work! I love your cards! Mine are so simple, they're easy to replicate! For this one, I used colored pencils (Prismacolor)

Marj! Ano naman yan? HAHAHA!

Theresa! =) I can just imagine you trying to say the words out loud! Yes, I used a Marvy scallop punch and colored pencils (Prismacolor) for this one!