Wednesday, November 21, 2007

good stuff

woohoo!!! can't believe i actually ended up with the most number of pages for Studio Azul's first ever challenge! And just for that, I get to win a prize!! =) YAY!!!!

Thanks so much, Mia and Tin! Can't say enough good things about your limited edition kits!!! really looking forward to my sub!

On to more of the good stuff! Look what came in the mail today!


Studo Azul said...

Hi Christine! Congrats again! Do I dare ask how long or how FAST you made all 15 LO's? :-) Btw i super love you new stash!


C70 said...

Thanks, Tin!! Haha!! Let's see... I started at around 4 pm and I didn't stop til 5 am the next day! That was just for 10 pages! I was at it again for a couple more hours and there, 5 pages more! ;)

Theresa Tyree said...

Darn it! The slide show got to 79% loaded, then it quit, so I didn't get to see the 15 lo's. I'll try again when I get home. It could be my sis's internet connection.

Jeff & Pia said...

Congrats Christine! Super slow ang connection namin, I couldn't view the LOs at the moment ; (

Grabe 15 LOs from one kit! You're too good!!!