Tuesday, June 24, 2008

60 pages

yep. that's how behind i am on my scrapping!! decided to get back into gear somehow and here's what i ended up with several days ago; I only managed to find the time to add titles and journaling this weekend:
haha. several months ago, i had the mind to have these photos printed but soon after, i had a 'what-was-i-thinking-having-these-photos-printed' moment! LOL!!! well obviously, i finally decided to scrap them - gotta use up the photo stash! there's more where that came from! *groan*

thing is, i can't really say if discovering photoshop was a good or a bad thing. now, before i can even scrap a page, I get to thinking if I should be editing my photos before printing them out! and this just slows down the whole process, KWIM? instead of scrapping, i tend to sit in front of the computer tinkering with my photos (which aren't all that great, so I spend much time with them) and then I see all my recent photos and I get overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the task ahead. then i get distracted. No photos edited. No photos printed. Ergo, NO LOs DONE.

so then i decide to just scrap my previously printed out, unadulterated photos (which we know aren't all that great either) and then I'm not happy =( oh the headache of it all! how do you girls do it? how do you find the time to edit those photos into 'awesomeness' and never seem to run out of time to scrap them?

should i just stop taking photos? oh but I don't think I'd have the heart to do that.

ah well. maybe i'll try to maintain the status quo for now and just use up my 'bad' photos to get those pages done.

Here's another completed page using a couple of photos from my seemingly 'never-diminishing' pile.

another random thought. last night, as i was going through my art of doing nothing routine, i got to thinking: here i am, trying to rid myself of my photo stash and what do i end up with? even bigger piles of paper to showcase my photos on. now how do i find the storage for all of those pages and albums? hmmm... maybe i should just scrap more photos on a page like i originally set out to do (just so there'd be less pages to store) but then again, how do i get to use up my stash? aaaargh. i am in deep sh*t, i know! please just ignore me! =)

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Suzanne said...

I guess my question would be, when does a photograph cease being anything real? I love your creations, they are awesomely lovely. :-)