Monday, June 23, 2008

three's company

after about a couple of weeks' planning, Mia and I finally had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Leena Loh in person! She was absolutely wonderful, and the three of us had an enjoyable evening chatting and dining at Pepato, which happens to be owned by Mia's aunt.

Mia and I initially thought about taking Leena to one of the restos in Serendra, but we decided to head over to Greenbelt instead. Food was scrumptious and the drink, divine :p Credit goes to Mia for picking out the hors d'oeuvres, the desserts and the drinks! YUM!!

asparagus with cheese and barquillos with chive cream. really good choices!

since everybody decided on pasta, i went for linguine scampi. i wasn't disappointed. hmmm. i can't quite remember now, but i think i must've cleaned this plate up! LOL!!!!

ok, i don't know what these are called, but they were positively heavenly and yep, sinful :o

hmm. can you spot the uhu glue in there somewhere? haha. yep. somebody got craftly that evening *wink!*

oh and wait. here's a surprise from Leena - buttery and delicate hazelnut & black currant cookies. mmmmmm-mmm. these are very addicting. Thank you for being so thoughtful, Leena, and for taking the time to meet us. Hope to see you again soon! =)


cabbie lopez said...

wow so exciting meeting up with leena!!!

Nicole said...

now im hungry, looks soooo good!

bcg said...

that looks yummy!