Friday, April 4, 2008

late bloomer

who would've thought that after all this time, and with my long-standing love affair with photos, it is only now I have considered investing in and playing with a much-touted photo editing software? haha! actually, i ordered this several months ago but I asked for a replacement (which never happened!!) because I ordered version 5.0 and the supplier gave me version 4.0. i was eventually informed that Adobe has yet to release a v5.0 for a mac so i simply asked for a refund. supplier and i exchanged several text messages and e-mails but apparently, they reneged on their commitment. so all these months, i've been twiddling my fingers, waiting.... waiting. to. no. avail. i am never ordering from them again. in the meantime, i'll just content myself with a lemon (as this version has oft been referred to) and maybe try to work wonders with my blah photos.

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