Sunday, June 1, 2008

being good

ok. definitely had no scrap shopping plans for yesterday. my only agenda was to attend a workshop (well, it wasn't really a workshop... it was more like a talk!) on photographing people by jay alonzo, sponsored by Filipinas Heritage Library and the Ayala Malls. It was a good talk, er, workshop, BTW. Definitely worth my 2+ hours - considering i am a neophyte in photography.

so... i got to chatting with mia the other night and before i knew it, i was making plans with her to check out a couple of LSS that have just unpacked new (and yummy, i might add) goodies!! oh to be in scrapbook heaven!

we dropped by Vivian's store first and how fun is it that she's offering 5-25% discounts on her wares! yay!!! well, like i said, i was being good and these were the only items i checked out of her store :D

then we dealt with terrible traffic and directions (oh the things we would do for the love of this craft, uhm, more like love of shopping, lol!) to Mitch's store. these were my new finds + a few items i got last weekend (thanks to the husband!)

i would've been extra good had it not been for mia telling me about some of the stuff she got which i absolutely also had to have, hehehe!!!

oh and lookie here. mia just came from HK and she got me this adooooooorable doll! :) thanks, mia! i had fun shopping and chatting with you yesterday!

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Suzanne said...

You call that being good? :-O LOL Looks like fun stuff!