Friday, June 13, 2008

shopping expose

uhm ah... the things i would do for the love of scrapping and shopping. yep. i have had to get up at 430 in the morning despite having only 2 hours worth of sleep because i had to rush to the airport to pick up a box of my goodies :) unfortunately, my yaya and i have had to sit and wait and be anxious as we didn't get the box until about 730am. oh well. all's well that ends well, as they say. a box of goodies is still a box of goodies, no matter how late you get it. hehehe. of course, the faster you do, the better.

i had to go home to drop the box off and get ready for work. oh but because i was running late, i had to ignore the box =( finally managed to check and sort everything out at around 1am the following day :)

i don't know what possessed me to get 2 sets of the CK kit of the month - (school kit) by Becky Higgins but i'm guessing it's probably because this particular kit sold out really quickly the first time it came out and the only reason i have these now is because Lisa Bearnson decided to offer it again and I just had to have it. lol!

a girl's gotta have her tools. let's hear it for the scor-it mini (again!) - i think my first one turned out to be a dud so I'm giving this product another chance.

my love affair with stamps never seems to be over. there's always something that wants to be adopted *wink!* i've barely inked these and already, i'm dreaming about the newer designs in the market.

miscellaneous stuff.

idea books.

RAKs and prizes


Catherine said...

OMG, Christine... you're sick, but i love it...hahaha. Have fun!

cabbie lopez said...

i am not drooling. i am drowning here!!! hehehe .love your goodies, christine!

Airees said...

wowoweee!!! C! You did it again! Sabi ko na e, basta scrap-shopping!!!! So many toys to play with huh!
I can see those 2 cute butterfly punchers - so cute! :)
Can you make a review of the scor-it? I've been thinking of getting one for myself for the longest time but I want to test it first. :)

Mia said...

And they say I'm bad! Wow! Your loot is nuts! Enjoy your new goodies girl & see you on Wed!

Au Lim said...

oh my gulay! stash, stash, stash! oh you scrap shopper, you! pahiraaaaM nyaan!...heheheh...

bcg said...

oh my! that's a lot of goodies!