Saturday, June 28, 2008


by the fact that my SC June kit somehow didn't land on my doorstep this month and ended up in the Las Pinas PO despite the fact that my address label indicated Paranaque! eek! last i heard, customs people assigned over there can get really nasty and just slap tax amounts they grab out of thin air onto people's parcels. as usual, i had G pick it up for me, and as he won't tell me how much his messenger had to pay for it, i really can't pass judgment on Las Pinas customs at this time. It was probably a modest amount as G didn't bother to pass on the cost to me! LOL! Thanks G =)

oh, but i was in for a treat! i was eyeing the picket fence add on but it got sold out on me so i had to opt for the berry picking add on instead. luckily, SC decided to put together a suitable replacement so I made arrangements to order it. when a dear friend found out, she graciously picked up the bill for it and even sent me a surprise gift - and only because i did a very minor favor for her!! thanks so much, girl! you're much too nice! =)


marjorie said...

hi christine! glad to see you updating your blog regularly! enjoy your goodies!

Mia said...

Hey Christine!

Glad you like your goodies! Thanks for getting me my addons last month when I was in HK. Can't wait to see what you do with the June SC kit. Great seeing you today!


Nicole said...

ENJOY your goodies :)