Friday, December 7, 2007

on the '7th day of Christmas'

Gotta love school breaks! Because Tubbyboy's messenger has not had the chance to pick up my latest loot from the PO, I took matters into my own hands and went for those babies! Can't have them staying the weekend over at the PO, now can I? Ha! Since I was there and I knew I had a couple more goodies coming, I asked if there was any chance I had more notices waiting to be sent out! I did! So I happily brought home 4, not 3, packages!!! On the drive home, I was daydreaming about the contents of those packages that I actually missed my turn and ended up about half a kilometer away from our village!!! hahaha!!! well, Nikki was with me and she jumped at the chance to go over to the National bookstore which was just across the street from where we were. Oh well! I also wanted to make my other baby happy! She got a magnet that she needed for a science project plus a small notepad that I promised her for when she needs to do some examination of conscience (hmmm... i need to be showing a good example here *wink*)

So, here are the good stuff including my October challenge prize from Label Tulip! Gotta love that, too!

I am a tad annoyed at one online store I ordered from - the backorder which was supposed to have shipped with my new batch of order from them is still missing!!! Aaaaaaaagh!!!!

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Chrissy Le said...

I want some!! Loving that LT kit! :)