Sunday, December 16, 2007

just in time

for Christmas!

What a yummy surprise! our BBox came last friday! My partner in crime, Nikki, was all too excited! Even more than I was actually, because she's been expecting her softball gear to arrive! Every day since December hit, she's been asking if a box came already as she knew it was going to be delivered any time! She happily declared she knew the box came even before she got home as she spotted the delivery van coming out of our village as she was on her way home! HAHA!!!

Too bad the Mizuno cleats I ordered for her are too small! :( Sorry, babe! Well, it's not a complete waste - as it's already been handed down to the brother! Hmmm... not too sure if the daddy will approve of the color though!

my 'creative mess'

The box came all in good time really, as the family and I are leaving for Bacolod in a few days' time! oh if only I could take the whole lot with me during our holiday vacation. Mojo's flowing and I've been so itching to scrap! Unfortunately, I really do need to attend to school-related matters first! I am waaaaaaay behind! YIKES!

stamps galore!

tool time!

embellishments and more!

this is really so cute! can't wait to work on it!

paper 'hoarding'

idea books and magazines

odds and ends

RAK from a few friends


Maybelle said...

Nikki's picture is precious! Have a great time in Bacolod! Yummy, yummy goodies!

Chrissy Le said...

I want to come over an play!! Dang girl, did you buy the whole store?! LOL. I love all the goodies!!