Saturday, December 15, 2007

SE-PS Christmas party

photo courtesy of Issa Lucido

First party of the season was with my local scrapbooking community - It was a whole day of shopping, eating and fun times! What could be better, huh? I actually promised myself I wasn't going to do any shopping, but temptation was just too much! Resistance is futile!

7K+ later... here are a few of what went into my shopping bags:

TV game shows galore. Here's a clip from SE-PS' version of Deal or No Deal:

We had fun dressing up our models in gift wrap paper. Our team won the 'best dressed' contest :) Can you guess which pair represented our group?

I really had fun with the Dirty Santa exchange gift, especially after my partner Geng and I snagged what we wanted!

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Chrissy Le said...

you had way too much fun!!! ;)