Thursday, December 20, 2007

blogging from Bacolod

and yes, scrapping in Bacolod! Uhm, in between packing for our trip and working on my school deadlines, I actually took the time to throw some supplies together. Here's what I managed to take with me. I really wanted to take the whole lot but that simply was out of the question, haha!!!

After a restful slumber, I awoke to find that the electricity was out so i decided to scrap! For this trip, I thought about working on a couple of minis for a change. I had the sudden inspiration to whip up a mini for Tubbyboy's surprise 40th instead of coming up with a 2-pager. I figured I'd be able to tell the story better this way *wink*

In a couple of hours, here's what i was able put together. Of course, this is still a page in progress (read: i forgot to bring some other stuff, haha!)

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