Sunday, September 23, 2007

scrapping, shopping, scrapbukan!

Nothing beats this combination on a saturday :)

SE girls started the day off by swiping goodies from shelves and racks, haha!! It was a good thing I managed to arrive in time to snag some goodies of my own.

I was also fortunate enough to be assigned to table #4 where Mia, Joanne, and Candy were seated. These girls were loaded with scrap stuff! Read on and you'll find out why this was 'crucial'.

Each group was asked to come up with a group shot for the group LO competition that was scheduled after lunch. Here's our cute photo *wink* Thanks! to Jeff Lopez! for patiently waiting while we did some acrobatics just to find the perfect pose!
(oops, i have yet to insert the photo here)

A scavenger hunt was up next and everybody scrambled to find various scrap stuff. What a way to keep our adrenalin up, huh? Haha! First 2 groups to complete their lists get to win goodies! Guess who the first group was? :)

Turns out, the stuff we managed to find would be the supplies we were supposed to use for the group LO competition. Nobody was allowed to use any other supplies except for ink and stamps! Oi vey, we got that covered! Thanks to Mia!

Mia was quick to come up with a sketch which we worked on. Everybody else cut and inked stuff. Here are my teammates happily putting things together. Paper-cutting prowess? CHECK. Joanne and Candy did the trick!

Here's a slightly hazy image of the LOs everybody came up with:

Winners were announced and prizes were handed out in the form of a license to shop some more!!! FUN! Table 4 (that's us!) bagged the top prize! I even got another yummy treat! A 12x12 album and a kit from the raffle prizes being handed out! Needless to say, I was grinning from ear to ear! Thanks to Liza and to Iris for serendipitously (is this even a word? :) calling Rizalee Imao) picking my name out!

Thanks, Sahrie! for a fun event! Congrats on Scrapbukan's 3rd year!

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Anna Zalamea said...

The event sounded like so much fun! congrats to you and your teammates for winning the top prize! gorgeous layout!