Friday, July 11, 2008

catching up

since i was already working on a project, i decided to set some time aside for several of the YITL words i needed to catch up on. thankfully, i was able to do everything in one go =)

here they are:
this may be simple but it definitely took the longest to think over - i couldn't really find a nice quote to use until this morning. i did a lot of google searching but it didn't yield anything that warranted attention, lol! thank goodness i happened to be blog-hopping, so that's where i found it! *wink!*

and just when i'm done picking out a nice quotation, along comes one, posted on my blog, at that!
oh, that humor of it all!


this was another toughie. it took more than 10 pages of googled pages before i found the one quote that clicked!


oh this was the most fun to do :) i thoroughly enjoyed glittering up my cuppycake image :)


i wonder why it usually takes longer to find just the right sentiment for the simplest of words? :) again, it took me forever to find just the right quote for this photo of the kids.


Suzanne said...

Christine! Wow, your cards always amaze me! I really, really LOVE your glittery cuppycake and the pic of your kids being silly. :-D Great job on keeping up, girlie! New word is up tomorrow!

cabbie lopez said...

im always in awe with your works!!!