Monday, July 21, 2008

on the street where i lived

spent the weekend in our family home, about 25 miles south of manila.

since my family moved and went separate ways ages ago, this house has been abandoned and was pretty much left to its on devices. time and weather conditions have taken their toll, but it's great that my mother has gone to some length to give the house a face lift of sorts. now it feels like home again.

it's probably been about 23 years since i last spent the night here =) but it was good to be back.

kids had a great time playing in the yet dusty attic

more of the kids

The kids have taken to the house as well, and they seemed to have enjoyed their stay that they are asking to go back again.

It would be nice to go for a visit as often as we can =) hmmm... might be fun to bring the scrappy stuff and while away the time here... it's definitely less humid compared to Manila =)


Margo said...

How fun, I love that attic. I am so glad you guys still have the home to see. My home I grew up in was bought and torn down made me so sad.

Suzanne said...

Beautiful! It leaves me with a lot of questions,like, WHY was it abandoned? Seems like a good opportunity for the YITL word this week. :-)

Catherine said...

Your pics made me miss HOME a lot. Love your attic, mmmmm, a perfect place for a stamper =)