Saturday, July 12, 2008


it was yet another fun day of scrapping therapy, goodies, and friends =) hit the bed at around 530 in the morning just to prepare the stuff i needed to bring and got up at around 7 to get ready for the day-long event. excited much? hehehe. just wanted to make sure i got my hands on the fun stuff i wanted before they got away. scrappers are a breed of retail therapy crazies! hehehe.

obviously, the first order of the day was shopping. here's what i got. some of these have been pre-ordered and the rest are what i could get my sticky hands on! actually... this is the outcome of a declaration I made to myself and to Mia that I would not shop at all.

Marisa had to police the girls just so they would stop shopping! when everybody settled down to get cracking on the projects lined up for the day, here's what Marisa asked us to make first. really cute, huh? I'm hoping to be able to replicate this towards the holiday season.

here's what we got in our loot bags, including some of the projects i completed for the day. got a bottle of prima flowers from the raffle drawing.

a close up shot of our supplies
up next was a mini album using a cd sleeve and yummy scenic route papers. then we went on to make an awesome gatefold mini! really fun to make! i took down notes but i'm not sure i'm going to be able to recreate this one. let's hope i can find the piece of paper i wrote some instructions on! :o

so here's us (minus me) making a mess at Nette's. there's my spot, right next to Mia and in front of Ella.

then it was time for lunch. yum!

more shopping. i missed a short tutorial on embossing and chalking =(

up next was a simple mini card using Melissa Frances stuff.

oh joy! i almost never win at BINGO but I think the 3rd card was the charm! look at what i bagged!

not content with what they have previously given away, Marisa randomly gave out stuff, to the point of throwing them up in the air for all to grab. my arms were probably not long enough, so here's what i managed to snag:

scrap happy girls looking forward to more scrapjam events =)


Suzanne said...

Wow, looks totally FUN! :-)

cabbie lopez said...

what a fun day cv!!!!!!you were one lucky scrapper that day!

Airees said...

wow! inggit ako...wish i was there :( pero thanks for the update. im sure you had loads of fun! C, where did u buy the scorepal(?) i wanted to buy sana. thanks!

bcg said...

hi! looks like you had a lot of fun! no more time for scrapbooking for me. i may not always leave comments in your blog but i'm always reading it :)