Wednesday, October 3, 2007

time to inque

INK my new inque (and fontwerks) stamps, that is :) finally, the loooooong wait for my orders is (kinda) over. While I'm practically jumping up and down upon receiving my new playthings, I can't help but feel a tad annoyed with the PO for misplacing my other package of stamping goodies! :( That, and the fact that I had to wait longer than usual for these packages to arrive. Oh well. DH's messenger will have to go back to the PO on Thursday to find out if they've managed to locate my goodies, as well as to pick up one other package, notice for which, I've received late yesterday afternoon!

So, maybe as soon as I'm done with some school requirements, I think I shall have to play!!! Awesome.

In other news... I am now the proud owner of 2 more stamp sets, heehee. Hmm... I wonder when I'd be able to get my hands on these? (note: thanks to Mia for tempting me with her Love, Elsie alpha stamps, haha)

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Alby said...

Wow! Congrats on your new loot again. Di pa ako nakakabili from Inque. May guilt factor pa since I splurged on my birthday. Not to mention the Scrapfest shopping tomorrow. Enjoy!