Tuesday, October 23, 2007

celebrating friendships

who would've thought that the scrapbooking community in Manila would grow by leaps & bounds in such a short period of time? & more importantly, that it would forge friendships among complete strangers? Yes, each one in his own way helps shape this community, but one very strong driving force behind this phenomenal snowball is Joanne Yap, whose passion for the craft is indeed admirable and seemingly boundless.

Last Saturday afternoon, a group of girls came together to give thanks and to just spend time with Joanne who is relocating to Australia soon. It was an afternoon of fun and camaraderie, an afternoon well-spent. I do wish you and your family well, dear friend, as you embark on a new life down under. Thank you once again for your friendship, generosity and sincerity. I know we will see each other again. As they say, goodbye is not forever. So, til we meet again, Joanne, Godspeed!

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Theresa Tyree said...

Aaawww...it's always so hard to say goodbye, but thankfully to the world wide web, keeping in touch is just a click away.