Thursday, October 25, 2007

it definitely pours when it rains

I've been watching my mailbox like a hawk for a couple of weeks now, as I've been impatiently waiting for my goodies :) So the moment I received the PO notices last Monday, I badgered DH no end until he relented and asked his messenger to head over to the PO today. At noon, DH sent me a text message to let me know that my goodies were safe and sound! I was practically tweedling my thumbs at work, raring to head for home as soon as I could. Haha! I was in such a rush to be home I didn't even bother to reply to my daughter's text message asking me if she could open 'the box'. A box? Apparently, a box was delivered to my doorstep today!!!! I was giddy with excitement!

Sure enough, there was a box waiting for me in my living room. To top it off, my Bad Girls Friday Patrol RAK was sitting on the counter!!! Thanks so much, Iris! :) I couldn't decide which to open first, hahaha!! Like a kid on Christmas morning, I marveled and grinned each time I tore open a parcel, hahaha! As for the box, I honestly couldn't recall what I had in there anymore as these were orders from way back May! :o Unfortunately, there was nothing in it for the kiddos this time around =(

Here are the loot!


Dies and embossing folders

Stamps galore!!


Papers and kits


Idea books and magazines


RAK from scrapping friends

Rolodex card swap with scrapping friends, April 07

Magazines I should be reading but don't have the time of day for :(

Better late than never, haha! I know all the hoopla has practically died down, but I'm glad I've managed to complete this collection! I just hope I find the time to sit down with it! :o

Let me just add this here as I only managed to pick it up from Liza last weekend :) RAK from Mia. Thanks so much! :)

YIKES! I need to get busy!


dianeskie said...


Daming new goodies!!!! For sure sarap nyan mag scrap!!!

Happy scrapping christine!!

marjorie said...

christine!!!!...excited din ako for you while looking at those stuff! enjoy!

aireescreates said...

wow!!! yum yum Christine! Will be looking forward to your new creations!

Ch said...

How exciting! Can't wait to see what you create with them! Congrats on the fun loot, Christine!! :D

Catherine said...

OMG!!!! I thought i have a lot of stuff, i have to show this to my BF. He always ask me why i keep getting boxes of goodies every week. MEN, don't understand..right Christine? LOL!

Roxannee said...

Grabe san galing ang parcel????kay Santa??? have to see my luggage bag andun ang scrap stuff ko! will move by he end of the year para ready to go na!

Anna Zalamea said...

oh wow!!!! look at all your loot!! that's awesome! i'm in heaven looking at all your goodies! i bet you're having a blast playing with them! fun times!

Kelly said...

Holy moses, look at all the scrappy stuff! You are such a lucky girl!!!

Theresa Tyree said...

OMGosh, girl! Did you say your DH knew about all this stuff? Oh, I'd be in such big trouble if that load of stuff showed up at my door! LOL!!!

I have to tell you, I love reading the comments especially the half Filipino/half English ones! Too funny! LOL!