Monday, May 26, 2008

sunday goody sunday

what do you know? cargo forwarders deliver on sundays!! heehee.

I was chilling out on a hot Sunday afternoon (this was sometime in april, see, but i didn't have time to post :o) when Nikki buzzed me to say I had a package. a package? on a sunday? i immediately jumped out of bed to check. and there it was, my much-awaited b box.

of course i quickly emptied the contents and inspected each goodie. i was none too happy to discover i was missing several items :( i was so disappointed i somehow lost steam.

but anyways, here's my latest loot, minus a few items here and there :(
stacked and loose papers, coasters, a couple more minis to add to my empty mini album collection! and - yikes, can you tell there's about $50 worth of hambly transparencies in here? methinks i may have bought more than i needed!

spent a small fortune on these babies. oh, but i think they're well worth it!

ok. i may have gone overboard buying ink pads and such, you think? uh actually, i think i need more colors!!! especially the copics!!! aaaah. when will this ever end!? *wink!*

gotta have some hardware for my so-called studio =)

decided not to invest in so many this time around since I've started getting kits in the mail, but here are a few more to add to my junk! :o

had to get new storage systems for my ever burgeoning pile of 12x12s

a few more scrap-related stuff

here's something Bad Girls are so addicted to. Can't wait to start on these!

yes. i still get a few stray foodie mags here and there but i've finally decided to let go of a couple of subs. if they're a dollar an issue, it's still a waste if i don't even flip a single page!


Catherine said...

Christine...OMG! you're sick, but i love it...LOL! more stuff to come =)

Lee i. said...

Oh wow! I think you outdid yourself this time (not!). Hahaha. Sige nga, tell your DH with a straight face that you're not spending so much on scrapbooking anymore. BTW, please thank him for his comments re my LOs, you both made me feel really good. And what are those books??? The covers remind me of my historical romances. Should I be picking up that old habit again as well?

Alby said...

Grabeee!!! So inggit with your stash. Yummy! And the stamps! Can't wait to see your new projects! -ALby

scrapgurl said...

wow ang daming goodies!!!