Sunday, May 11, 2008

fontwerks workshop

finally! a day to jump start my mojo! yea, kinda lost it while i was away vacationing, er, baby-sitting my kids! and what a way to get it up and running, a workshop with kah-mei smith, owner of fontwerks, no less!

obviously, i was much too excited to get started i failed to take a decent photo of my kit contents! hehehe!!

actually, the morning activity kicked off with some shopping, as usual =) then we got down and dirty by painting up some portions of the chipboard album and a few pieces of chipboard shapes. with that done and set aside, everybody got busy cutting up several pieces of papers into teeny-tiny shapes to be used for our project. i think all the measuring and cutting up triggered everybody's appetite, thankfully soon after, lunch was announced! yay!

after lunch, we started putting everything together. learned a few new techniques along the way and had fun waiting for our names to be called out for some raffle prizes! tee-hee!! i managed to bag a journaling stamp, a huge bottle of acrylic paint, and a sheet of chipboard shapes. fun! no photos to show for these :(

at 4:30, we started packing up and doing more shopping. and yes, a workshop won't be complete without some photos to cap it off!

Thanks, Kah-mei and Sahrie for this wonderful event!

...and here it is. a new mini to tuck into my portfolio:


Lee i. said...

woohoo. glad you're back. i missed your posts, even if most of the time namamatay lang ako sa inggit sa layouts at sa scrap stuff mo. :-) ganda ng minibook, very clean and focused. happy mothers day!

Lori said...

Greal album-looks like you had a lot of fun, and always good to win stuff too!

cabbie lopez said...

hahaha christine, hope nakita mo rin gawa ko. kakatuwa kasi same album tayo lahat! hheheheheh. galing you took a shot of the kit pa ha. ako hnd na.. di ko naisip yun e.pati ang food! wow!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW Christine, this mini is fabulous and it looks like you had a blast !!!! Too bad all us bad girls live so far apart from each other .... REALLY far apart !
Hope you had a great time on your trip too ! Welcome back !