Saturday, May 24, 2008

quite a surprise

because i don't usually venture out to the north, my dear friend Babette graciously offered to pick up a few things for me from mitch's store. after several months of vacillating between buying AC D-ring albums and not buying, I eventually caved! who could resist such names as raspberry and blueberry? so i got me a couple of those! thanks for picking these up for me, Babette!

so, the both of us tried to arrange a pick up point and i decided to just drop by her studio on a monday afternoon. leave it to Babette to lovingly wrap up my goodies =) what a welcome treat! and yes, a surprise was waiting for me. really very unexpected! Babette's migrating to Canada by the end of this month and she gifted me with this lovely page:

Thanks for taking the time to make this for me. I know we've discussed your impending departure for about a year now, but I still can't believe that it's finally happening! I will definitely miss having a scrapping, shopping, chat buddy like you! :( I really hope you change your mind about visiting!


Au Lim said...

aha! may bagong goodies!!!at naku, matutuloy na pala talaga ang Babette. ganda ng page she made for you. paki hug at kiss na lang si Babette for me. asan ba blog ng babaeng yun? para naman ma-update tayo sa kanya kahit malayo sya.

Suzanne said...

AC D rings are my fav! I just bought the raspberry one for my dd's toddler to teen album. Great layout! :-)

cabbie lopez said...

lovely layout from a beautiful friend inside and out.

bcg said...

you're welcome! i'm going to miss you and all the fun we had together!

pepsigirl said...

oooo Those albums look really neat, I'd love to find an album I like using....I just can't seem to find one....therefore all my layouts are without homes for the most part, lol!
I'm sorry your scrappin buddy is moving, that's so hard!!! Thank Goodness for the Internet, huh??