Sunday, March 16, 2008

shopping. shopping. shopping.

amen. what was supposed to have been a day of cropping turned out to be a day of shopping. for me, at least. ha! there were just too many tempting goodies in Vivian's store to allow me to sit still! ack! there goes the house fund! hehehe. Well, I actually tried to work on a page, I just didn't quite stick anything down until today.

Met up with Babette at around lunch time and we stayed til closing time. Yup, there simply seemed to have been no end to the long line of shoppers! We then decided to grab dinner at Mr Choi Kitchen just before we split up. Thanks for the ride, Babette!


Jeanette said...

Ok girlfriend, you have been TAGGED , check out my blogs for details !

Catherine said...

you have to take me shopping when i go back home...or you can tell me the best place to go =)