Tuesday, March 25, 2008

pleasant surprises

WOW! I came home to find a box of goodies sitting on my counter! This almost never happens! A box of scrap supplies delivered straight to my doorstep! Hmmm... I must've done something good for me to not have to go to the PO to pick this up!! heehee!

And look! i got a set of lovely handmade cards and a keychain together with a Thinking of You card from Babette. Thanks, Babette! (and thanks for picking up a sheet of paper from Vivian for me! really appreciate it!) =)


Chrissy Le said...

Awww man, open up the box so we can see! hehe! Love the card!

Ch said...

Yay you got yours, which means mine isn't too far away. :D (Hope they deliver hope they deliver! I'm always so scared of insane customs "fees")

Gradriana said...