Friday, March 14, 2008

it is that time of the month again

well, I'm kinda posting this late :) as this month's Scrapbytes issue actually went up several days ago. I was asked to write about using up one's brad stash. uhm, don't keep your hopes up, it's quite a straightforward article only, as I couldn't rack my brain for any more ideas! hahaha! Please do let me know if you discover more ways to use up your own stash! *wink!*

Also featured in this month's issue is the Round Robin (a.k.a. LO Tag) Challenge which I, uh, kinda initiated sometime in October. Yup, it has taken this long for us to have the Reveal as there were quite a number of girls who joined! It's fun to see and read about the transition of the pages! Definitely something worth doing over!

Here's the simple page I came up with:

and it ended up looking fabulous! :) check out Ria's page here. Who would've imagined, huh? Only a bunch of talented ladies, that's who! *wink!*

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