Sunday, June 24, 2007


ooops! Au just tagged me, so now I'm IT! Ack!

7 random facts, huh? Let's see...
1. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor of medicine, but... laziness got in the way, so I got stuck with a pre-med course at UP Diliman (BS community nutrition)

2. During my last term in college, just for the fun of it, I decided to join the EasyCall company the moment I saw their ad. I enjoyed work so much, I wanted to just quit school, lol! Good thing, my better judgment prevailed.

3. I didn't feel like working in a hospital after I graduated, so I ended up in the hotel industry.

4. I met my DH through a blind-date arrangement! Hmmmm.... funny how after our first meeting, I didn't think I wanted to see him again =)

5. When I was much younger, and before I even got married, I wanted to have 7 kids!

6. I can get obsessive-compulsive about a lot of things, shopping is definitely one of those things!

7. For someone who is not comfortable speaking in front of an audience, I, myself, am surprised that I am teaching at all, lol! OH, but I am enjoying it to the hilt!

OK, now it's my turn to tag some people... Sheryl, Airees, Alby, Pearl, Donna, Pia, Ria

Ladies, you've just read 7 things about me, now it's your turn to spill the beans and tag other people :) have fun!

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Au Lim said...

Hahaha! your first few random facts are funny to me because i followed the same pattern...graduated from a course i never used (BS BIO at DLSU). Worked as a student in a McDonald's and liked it so much that I worked another position (this time hindi na nagluluto ng hamburgers)again for them after college. Proceeded to work a totally unrelated job much later when I was already a mom, this time as a graphic designer.

A few years ago, I also wanted to to go back to science to do research and try teaching but everytime i try to pursue my MS, i get pregnant e. Kaya yun, dream na lang.

Tamo nga naman...hehehe...