Thursday, June 21, 2007

hook, line, and sinker

Man, oh man! I must really have it soooo bad! I read Lee Imao's post about punches on sale at and off I went to get myself sucked in. Again! I can't really say if it's a good thing that I was able to grab some of the items on sale while they were still available or if it's a bad thing that I had to put myself in debt again, hahahahaha!!!

Actually, I felt kinda bad that the Fiskars squeeze punch which I got from ebay recently is being sold at a lower price at, and I could've gotten it even lower because of the discount coupon! grrrrr! lol! To make myself feel better about the whole thing, I bought the rest of the Fiskars squeeze circles to complete my set, the Fiskars squeeze oval punch, and a couple of Marvy punches (scalloped oval and square). There! Now I feel much better already ;)

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