Sunday, September 14, 2008

Top Designer

it's that time of the year again, when Bad Girls Kits hosts Top Designer - a 6-week series of awesome classes and challenges. Even though I didn't make it past week 4 last year, I made sure I 'enrolled' again this year :)

1st class/challenge is all about layering perspectives by Cari Fennell - ack! this is my major problem area! lol! despite the fact that Miss Cari's class was very informative, I found myself delaying my homework submission until the very last minute. A "my dog ate my homework" excuse is simply unacceptable (you don't want to get yourself into detention!) so I found myself working on a page earlier today.

Just as Miss Cari advised - enjoy the whole process - I did :) and things just fell into place (or so I hope!)

Truth be told, the major reason for my delay was the fact that I couldn't find just the right photos. Last night, after hastily editing several, I finally decided on some of Nikki's photos from a trip to a beach in Bacolod. Another reason was finding just the right quotation. I fell asleep in front of my computer just searching for one -- I think I may have stumbled on just the one by Judith Wright - can't go wrong with this, huh? :)

You are about to begin the hero’s journey.
Travel well on the quest.
A life of More is your birthright.
Know the vast resource that reside in you
and are provided for you in the world.

Materials: Bad Girls august kit - that which cost me much angst, just getting it picked up from the Pasay City PO! (heaven forbid i get another parcel routed over there!)

Good luck to those who submit their pages!


Suzanne said...

Wow Christine, that is one beautiful layout! I have no doubt you'll be moving on to the next round! :-)

Colleen said...

It turned out great, love it. Good luck and I for sure would move you on to the next round.

cabbie lopez said...

the best of luck to you cv. your creations are just amazing and so i know youll make it to the top!

Tonya said...

wow Christine.. i forgot to sign in on the first week.. oh well.. i will enjoy your layouts.. love this one..

Alby said...

This is a beautiful page CV!!!