Sunday, September 21, 2008

to scrapbook or not to scrapbook?

that is the question.


i busied myself rearranging and yes, purging! (finally!) some of my scrapbook supplies and storage systems, and then my son, Ian, popped into my scrap area (a.k.a. his room) and exclaimed how messy i was being.

out of the blue, i jokingly told him that i was going to throw out all of my scrapbook supplies to rid myself of the mess. to this he answered: "huh? why???"

i told him that i have had enough of the mess and that i was going to stop doing any more scrapbook pages. with a sad note in his voice, he said he didn't want me to stop. of course i had to ask him why.

very matter-of-fact, he said: "if you do, then i won't have new pages in my scrapbook anymore"

ladies, i'm guessing, whether our kids say it out loud or not, our pages are appreciated :)

keep scrapping!

happy weekend :)


Suzanne said...

Aww, thats so sweet! I'm hoping the same is true in our house... no one ever even looks except when I make them look, but I'd like to think they do appreciate them. :-)

Colleen said...

What a mess you have there and lots of goodies as well. That is so nice that you are appreciated for your great work.

Susan Beth said...

It makes a mess, but the reward is so worth it! Glad you got some appreciation from your son!