Monday, September 22, 2008

class 2

is all about mixing patterns bearing in mind 4 design principles:

principle 1 - drawing the color palette from the photo itself

principle 2 - gallon, quart and pint: may be used in terms of colors or as in the case of this class, large, medium and small patterns. the large being the 'signature' pattern, it has to be the one that grabs attention.

principle 3 - vary patterns. as a rule of thumb, similar patterns, even if they are of different scales, should be avoided as it will look too busy and cluttered.

Principle 4 - Play! As Emilie Ahern says, there's no right or wrong in scrapbooking. Experiement with mixing patterns and see what mix YOU like. Play with whimsical papers and designs that fit your theme. Play with colors in embellishments and trims. Sometimes you can break all of the rules and LOVE the result. Try a few different things until you get the feel for mixing patterns and you'll be hooked in no time!

Here is my take on this fun class:



Colleen said...

Thanks for sharing those tips, I seemed to have trouble mixing pp and liking the end result.

Dolores said...

beautiful layout