Sunday, August 5, 2007

getting a head start

Friday, 3 August, was declared a holiday for us - because our students had to be responsible citizens and register :) hmmm.... not sure if my students actually got to register as most of them are under the age of 17. oh well, a holiday is a holiday. I didn't particularly welcome it, though, as it meant we'd now have to extend classes to make up. At any rate, I was a bit inspired to sit down in front of my scrap table to work on some cards - never too early to start on these, right?

I managed to churn out 5 of each design... will try to work on more when I get the chance.

Supplies: Bazzill CS, Basic Grey pp, Hero Arts stamp, Colorbox ink, ribbon

note: I discovered (too late) that it's no good to be stamping on textured Bazzill - good thing I mistakenly bought a pack of non-textured Bazzill last year, so I was able to get better stamped images. Unfortunately, my stash of non-textured Bazzill is dwindling... I wonder where I might be able to buy some more as no longer carries it, I think :(

Supplies: Bazzill CS, Basic Grey pp, Hero Arts and Magenta stamps, Stampin' Up ink, Versafine and Versa watermark


Alby said...

Hi Christine! Nice cards! And great idea to get started early. I should follow your lead and start making mine so I don't have to cram come Christmas time.

About stamping on Bazzil, I just use the reverse side. I do the same when printing my journaling, specially with small font sizes. The surface is smooth and the color is the same as the textured side. I didn't even know there's a non-textured Bazzil. Haha!

As usual, I enjoyed reading your blog.

C70 said...

Hi, Alby! Thanks for dropping by and for the suggestion :) Yes, surprisingly, there are some non-textured Bazzills, haha! Not sure though if there are other colors as the one I decided to buy at that time was a bulk pack of white Bazzills