Monday, October 13, 2008

it ends tonight

i excitedly conceptualized and created my page for this week's class/challenge COLOR PSYCHOLOGY.

Not long after I posted it into the gallery, I found out from a couple of Bad Girls that I wasn't supposed to use a B&W photo. I didn't believe it at first, as there was nothing specific indicated when the class was posted, but apparently, buried somewhere among the member posts, was a follow up instruction that we were only to use colored photos! ACK!! It was too late. I had no other immediate ideas to work with, so I left my LO alone. My only consolation is that I am happy with the way this page turned out - it's almost just as I envisioned it when I was still sketching it out a few days ago.

The honor roll list was posted a few hours ago and just as I predicted, my name was no longer in it :( at least, there's always next year to look forward to. I'm glad I made it to the 5th round this year, 1 round more than how I fared last year =)


Suzanne said...

Aww, sorry girlie! But that IS one awesome and amazing layout! I love the splashes of color with the black and white photos. :-)

Colleen said...

I love your layout, beautiful. So I am not the only one who breaks the rules :)

Freethinker said...

love your entry as usual. I was 'expelled' last week but I have no rancor whatsoever. I enjoyed every challenge of every week i was there. And though i planned to still join this week, 'life' kinda got in the way so I didn't bother anymore. :-)

Chat with you soon :-)

Rachel said...

Congrats on making it as far as you did Christine... that is an accomplishment on it's own!

Oh and I happen to ADORE that LO aswell!


Catherine said...

this is absolutely beautiful, love the pic of your daughter :)

Lee i. said...

i love this LO, it's a winner! the black and white photos are jyst perfect with the splashes of color (or is that the other way around?)

Zarah said...

Your LO still ROOOOCKS!! I love it! :D