Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2nd chance

i couldn't believe my lucky stars! here i thought it was the end of the line for me at the Top Designer class/challenge over at BG. Then I got a PM from Tracie telling me this:

You have been selected as the Wild Card Player for Class 6.

I was given a username : **WiLdCaRdEiGhT** so I could play along anonymously. How fun was that!? :D

All I had to do was follow a set of rules, all in the name of anonymity, and of course, to create a LO (no family/identifying photos allowed) for Class 6 for me to be back in the running.

Challenge was to break a few scrapbooking rules here and there with the end in view of making our pages eventually come together by putting in our personal flair.

A final note from Tracie:
Please note that there are no guarantees that you will make it through to the final assignment.....but I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you as I love your style.

I tried to come up with a LO at the last minute as I found it tough just to find photos that couldn't be associated with me. I worked on my page on Sunday morning. 1st attempt looked kinda messy coz of my paint job, but I managed to salvage my orange lace cardstock, paint stains and all, and use it on a fresh sheet of cardstock. This time around, I was hesitant to stamp with paint for fear of messing up yet another paper, but i wanted the page to look grunged up a bit, so I did it anyway. I like the results, even if i do say so myself. lol.

Here's a few rules I broke, I think:
BALANCE: right-heavy page. photos, embellishments and papers were all placed on the right side

COLORS: page colors not coordinated with those in the photos.


UNITY: photo sizes used were not the same

GALLON QUART PINT: none followed

How I added my style
1. used a short title
2. clustered photos
3. clustered embellishments
4. strip journaling
5. simple embellishments/minimal hand-cutting
6. didn't fill every space on the page :)

i didn't make it to the final round, but I'm glad to have made it this far in the contest, and more importantly, to have been given another opportunity to play again :)

Good luck to the Top 10 (11) girls who are in it for the final round. You are all very talented, can't wait to see who comes out to be the 2nd Top Designer! :D


Colleen said...

How exciting for you, I wish you the best and I love the layout.

Suzanne said...

You crack me up! You're always so surprised when you make it to the next level, and I never am surprised! :-) LOVE that layout!