Saturday, May 5, 2007

national scrapbook day

A day I now also look forward to because of challenges, shopping, great deals, and fun, fun, fun!

I'm not sure if I can get any scrapping done today, however, as I don't seem to have any mojo lately :( The day's almost over. All I seem to want to do is go online shopping, haha! although that urge has also been somewhat dampened by the fact that I do need to get my butt away from this computer and do some HH chores! Lately, I really seem to be enjoying doing stuff around the house for a change! :o

Well, I do hope to at least start working on something scrap-related in honor of this special day (I did, however, manage to shop a little bit :) haha. I finally got myself Elsie's book). I am site-hopping, trying to check out all NSD challenges and activities.

So anyways, happy NSD!

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