Tuesday, July 28, 2009

weekend crop

i was invited by my online friend Suzanne to join her over at Citrus Tree for a fun online crop this past weekend.

Lots of fun tutorials and challenges. Unfortunately, inasmuch as I wanted to join them all, I simply did not find the time to squeeze them all in :(

Here's what I managed to put together in between comings and goings around the house:

Origami Christmas tree. I really had fun playing with this one

I thought this was a clever sentiment to put on the inside. heh!

Then I decided to make a cute matchbook, if I dare say so myself :D

I didn't realize I didn't have a 'just a note' sentiment around the house! eek! hmm. or maybe I was just really lazy to look for one. So I got 2 sentiment stamps and simply inked the words that I wanted out of each of them. voila! just a note. problem solved!

Color combo challenge was up next. I decided to go for more cards since I already had some holiday elzys out on my table.

While I was at it, I decided to make 2 more per design. Now these, I will definitely be sending on to Ems Fronda. Remember the charity drive?

Early Saturday evening, we all went out and hit one of the local weekend bazaars, which wiped my pocketbook clean :D, then we headed over to Tiendesitas to look at some adorable pups. Too bad I forgot to take some photos.

Sunday - whipped up a batch of delightful coffee oatmeal cookies. i was even gonna go for some butter cake, but I realized too late that I didn't have enough butter in the fridge. hm. maybe sometime this week then.
sorry, photo's kinda grainy. i was too lazy to run for the camera so I quickly grabbed my cellphone before 2 pairs of tiny hands (+ a pair of big ones) could wipe the cooling rack clean :)

G and I decided to check out some tiles at the home depot and we're kinda set on this for the bath. whatcha think?

So there you have it. Enjoy the rest of the week!


Alby said...

Love the cards!
And love the tile! Go for it!

Suzanne said...

Love all your projects and I didn't even know you cheated with "just a note!" LOL Thanks for coming to play with me and congrats on winning some goodies! Hmm, I'm diggin' that tile, thinking I need to put shower redo on my dh's to do list! HA! Careful, Ms Christine, you're starting to update your blog regularly! Love that!!! :-)